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Why are Republican Council Candidates Supporting The Republican Machine’s Corrupt DELCORA Deal?

Media, PA – Today, the three candidates for County Council blasted their Republican opponents for supporting the Delco Republican Machine’s corrupt DELCORA-Aqua deal.

“Without first proving that a sale was necessary or even in the best interest of rate-payers, the Republican DELCORA Board voted to sell a valuable public asset to a campaign donor, selling out Delco residents just to protect the jobs of a few Republican insiders. Unsurprisingly, their hand-picked candidates for County Council immediately voiced their support for the deal, said Democrat Christine Reuther, candidate for County Council.

In two separate public meetings, DELCORA failed to answer questions on timing or projected rate increases. There has been no independent review, no analysis of alternatives, and no process of opening up bidding to Aqua’s competitors. Instead, Delco’s residents are asked to put blind faith in this sale that was engineered by DELCORA’s executive director, Bob Willert, who also happens to be a local Republican Party boss, a stalwart in the GOP county fundraising machine, and a close ally of the GOP-controlled County machine that has long controlled the DELCORA Board. Aqua, the new owner, has given tens of

thousands of dollars in corporate PAC money to the Delco GOP’s candidates, and its executives have given thousands more.

“Our opponents have been selling themselves as “New Republicans” who are committed to

transparency and accountability. But we now see that is far from the truth. They are part of the same corrupt Republican machine that has for decades forced Delco residents to pay higher taxes for fewer services,” said Democrat Elaine Paul Schaefer, candidate for County Council.

The GOP candidates’ support for this deal shows a shocking lack of understanding of this issue. After the $275 million fund to offset costs runs out, rate-payers will undoubtedly be on the hook for whatever costs exceed that amount.

“Residents should take this deal as a warning: What you see, is what you get. Corruption, and the resulting higher taxes, will continue in Delaware County if Republicans maintain control of County Council. If residents want to end this kind of corruption, they have to vote for change this November,” said Democrat Monica Taylor, candidate for County Council.


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