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What kind of government do we want in Delaware County?


Wednesday, September 4, 2019


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Delco Democrats Call For Sweeping Ethics Reform To Eliminate Corruption In County Government

Media, PA – Today, the three Democratic candidates for County Council released a sweeping ethics reform plan that outlines a series of steps to eliminate corruption in county government and ensure our tax dollars are being spent efficiently. “For decades, Republican politicians have given out county jobs, no-bid contracts, and expensive perks to their friends and donors while sticking the taxpayers with the bill. As a result, Delco residents pay significantly more in taxes than our neighbors in surrounding counties, yet we get fewer services. It’s time to end this culture of corruption and reform county government,” said Democrat Christine Reuther, candidate for County Council.

“Our anti-corruption plan aims to crack down on corruption, cut waste, and focus tax dollars on improving the quality of life for Delco residents,” continued Ms. Reuther.

Under decades of Republican rule, corruption has festered, and our tax dollars have been spent on things that don’t improve our lives or keep us safe. County contracts are continually awarded to Republican campaign donors without an open and transparent bidding process. County jobs are given out on the basis of who you know and where you live, not what you know or what you can do.

To crack down on corruption and reform government, Democrats will:

End the practice of awarding no-show and part-time jobs to unqualified political insiders

Professionalize the County’s Personnel Department and post all jobs publicly to ensure the best candidates apply

Require full disclosure of campaign contributions by entities bidding for county contracts

Impose a gift ban that eliminates gifts from any person or business that sought legislative or administrative action from Delaware County for the last 12 months

End the practice of forcing county employees to support a particular political party or work for a particular political party during elections

Prohibit county employees from engaging in political activity while on duty for the County

Publish the full budget for every county fund, as well as every expenditure

Hold more public meetings and schedule more of them in the evenings to accommodate working residents

Publish the agendas and supporting documentation for all public meetings online at least 3 days prior to the relevant meeting

Delco’s Republican machine has a long, troubling history of conducting secretive backroom deals and avoiding accountability. The proposed sale of DELCORA is a perfect example of the GOP’s lack of transparency and openness.

“Republicans treat our government like it’s a branch of their party, doing whatever they want with little to no public input. The proposed sale of DELCORA is the perfect illustration of this. Without any independent analysis at all and without first demonstrating a sale to be necessary or prudent, Republican insiders have entered secret talks to sell off a valuable public asset,” said Democrat Elaine Paul Schaefer, candidate for County Council. “Delaware County doesn’t belong to the Republican Party, or any political party—it belongs to our hardworking residents and taxpayers. This is our Delco,” said Democrat Ms. Schaefer continued. “After more than 150 years of Republican rule, we believe it’s time for change. We need to move Delaware County forward by reforming our government and putting it to work for all of our residents. And we need new leadership to make that happen,” said Democrat Monica Taylor, candidate for Council.


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