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A Leader Driving Change in Our Community                                

I was born and raised in Havertown.  When I moved back to Delaware County, after college and law school, one thing remained the same. "This is a one-party county,” I told my husband. “Maybe one of us should register as a Republican."  He looked at me oddly—he’s from Massachusetts--and said it wouldn’t be him.  I decided it would not be me either.  If I was going to use my skills, knowledge and experience to contribute to our community, I would do it as a Democrat.

I first got my feet wet in local government when I helped negotiate a resolution to a zoning issue concerning the SEPTA train station in our neighborhood.  I worked to preserve open spaces while I served six years on the Township Planning Commission and was part of the first multi-municipal planning effort for the Wallingford Swarthmore School District. I won a seat on the Nether Providence Board of Commissioners and dug into the dirty work, the Sewer Authority, and whatever else needed doing.

My commitment to service doesn’t start or end with politics. Community service is part of my DNA. My great uncle, Walter Reuther, led a fight for economic equality and civil rights as president of the UAW.  My mother helped start the Friends of the Haverford Township Free Library and I followed her in her footsteps as a Girl Scout leader and cookie mom.  I’ve served on the boards of non-profits that provide child care, arts education and mental and behavioral health services.  For over ten years, I worked with Nether Providence Township and local organizations and businesses to raise money for our Township first responders.  I've always worked for good government initiatives.  

As a lawyer, my practice centers on tax and business matters but I am also the solicitor for Rutledge Borough, where I get a wide-ranging view of the challenges facing our smaller municipalities. I represented the Headstrong Foundation in their successful effort to obtain a zoning accommodation for Nick's House in Swarthmore. I supported the Delco Coalition for Prison Reform in their push to livestream the meetings of the Prison Board, and did the research that enabled Council members Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden to introduce a resolution to provide for County Council oversight of the County’s private prison contract. 

Throughout these experiences, I’ve kept my eye on the big picture: freeing the county from the control of the Republican machine to ensure our government works for all residents of Delaware County. In 2015, I ran for County Council. Turnout still favored the Republicans. We did not win but I gained invaluable experience - both of what it takes to run a successful campaign as well as a greater appreciation of the 49 municipalities that make up Delaware County.  When my 2015 county race was over, I dedicated myself to my local Democratic committee.  We have built an organization in Nether Providence that can support Democratic candidates.  In 2017, I helped elect our County slate and chaired Controller Joanne Phillip's campaign.  Now I want to build on that success and run again for County Council. 

The 2019 election will bring historic change to Delaware County if we endorse strong candidates who can do the hard work of transforming our county government once they are elected.  I can do the job and ask for your support.

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